Xbox 360 – my first impressions

I picked up an xbox 360 (slim with kinect) a few days ago – and have had an initial look….

The media centre functionality is quite good, it detected and ran with my PS3MediaServer and then, with only the download of a codec was ready to go. Wireless N helps greatly with the speed of the playback – i do not get any of the jerkiness and hassles i get on the PS3 which has wireless G.

I already have a games for Windows account because of bioshock 2 on PC – a requirement in order to save the game (which i wasnt happy with) – but trying to sign up with Xbox live, i was informed the account was already in use – after 15 minutes, i found i needed to “recover” the account – and all was good… but the lack of information when trying to sign up was annoying.

Games – well, ive only played Halo: Reach so far…. what a piece of shit…. hopefully this wont be indicitive of other games on the platform…. having said that, FPS’s in particular are always going to compare badly to PC versions IMO. I image racing, platform and fighting games will probably be nicer on the Xbox when compared to PC, primarily due to controller differences. (Even though the gaming controllers are available on the PC – its somehow not the same!)

2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 – my first impressions

  1. FYI you can create offline profiles in games that require a profile to save. It’s done easily from within the games for Windows live menu ingame.