Windows 10 version numbers – and how they actually show up in SCCM when added as WIM

Windows 10 version numbers when running within Windows are fairly well known are are available from 

However, when adding the WIMs to SCCM as OS images, the numbers don’t match up. When aligned with the absurd method of obtaining Windows 10 21H2 which does not give you any information on which version your getting  (detailed here – ) it can create confusion/concern that the correct version has actually been downloaded / imported.

In order to allay this (somewhat) – i have imported each version into my SCCM environment and have a screenshot of the results below.

As you can see – the version numbers of the images do not match up with the version numbers of the OS’s they contain….

And when compared to actual versions within Windows

Windows 10 Version Name                               Windows 10 actual version number                            Version number thats shows up next to imported image in SCCM

Windows 10 1903                                                18362                                                                              18362.356

Windows 10 1909                                                18363                                                                              18362.418

Windows 10 2004                                                19041                                                                              19041.264

Windows 10 20H2                                               19042                                                                              19041.631

Windows 10 21H1                                               19043                                                                              19041.928

Windows 10 21H2                                               19044                                                                              19041.1288


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