Windows 10 and SCCM

An announcement over at

3 things of note:

Windows 10 will be delivered in a way that allows for more choice and flexibility for businesses

Oh shit – here comes a product which is going to limit choice and flexibility and force me down a specific path for something I previously could make a choice about. (Sales speak hasn’t made me bitter and cynical)

  • The next version of System Center Configuration Manager will deliver full support for client deployment, upgrade, and management of Windows 10 and associated updates.

  • System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager or SP1 – we will provide an update to support Windows 10 deployment, upgrade and management with existing ConfigMgr features.

Some clarity on what the difference between “full support” and “support” would be good…. this could be anything between “2012 R2 will still do everything with Win 10” to “by support, we meant that if you applied 3 sccm patches in a specific order, that require 2 windows hotfixes to be uninstalled while chugging a beer, singing the national anthem and potting the 8 ball in the corner pocket on one leg, then yes, you can view inventory information only in 2012 r2”

Its a given that some version of SCCM will be able to deploy windows 10, but I question the value of posting such vague information. The implication is we will miss out on something if a client doesn’t go to SCCM 201? – which may well be fair enough.

as such we have decided not to ship a Configuration Manager preview at this time, and will do so in H1 CY15.

This is kind of useful-ish…. we now have a, relatively large, window of when we can expect to start testing windows 10 deployment with sccm.

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