Windows 10 – 2 weeks in

So far, everything has been pretty positive…. I’ve found one thing that could possibly be a bug – a pretty minor one.

I normally set/raise my task bar to be “two” levels high, this seems to be set ok, but on next logon, it reverts to “one level” high.

Offline files – after realising I had some redundant data in my home drive, I removed it. The local offline files cache was full – and the offline files process doesn’t seem to continue once an error has occurred.

This functionality isn’t any different from previous versions – but it would be nice if there was some robocopy style /MIR functionality, where after an error occurred, the process continues – so deletions can replicate, remove large amounts of data from the cache, then fix itself up on next replication.

That’s about all I have to say about it at the moment…. most of the things I’m interested in will occur when attempting to mass deploy.