Wall mounted tablets/slates and POE

So with my new house currently being built – ive been spending some time working out what i want to go into it around automation etc…

I’ll be putting in Lync 2010 with a sip trunk as my phone system… but what about front door camera and door strike access, intercom ?

Mobotix use a grandsteam SIP video phone for a companion to their T24 door access station (which im looking at using, but have not purchased nor used yet)…. cool, but i really dont want to put in a phone that can only be used for door access – seems like a bit of a waste. (and i fully recognise this is Lync ‘s fault for not having SIP over UDP support – like every other VOIP system on the planet)

So i thought – how about i mount windows 7 slates on the wall? They could run a full version of the lync client, be used as phones as well as video intercoms (I havent tried this yet – but there looks like there is an auto-answer tool, at least for OCS 2007 http://quadrantechnologies.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/deployment-validation-tool-auto-answering-agent-updated/)

In addition, i could use a web page to access the mobotix T24 and allow access. Sure mobotix also have their own software solution…. but as always, without having used the software, its hard to know how it really works….

In addition, having a fully fledged PC allows full flexibility for future applications and requirements….

So then comes the next issue, finding a slate PC at a reasonable price point with a wall mount…. there dont seem to be wall mounts out there for these things – not pre-made ones at least. There appears to be some aimed at ipads…. but, well, im after a device i can manage.

I also ran into this http://shop.skinnybytes.com/156-PoE-Computer-AIO-Touch-PoE-156.htm – a POE powered all-in-one machine…. but a bit on the big side at 15.6″ large…. love the concept – a POE powered machine

I get that POE’ing a slate device in one sense defeats the purpose of a mobile device…. but im really not keen on the massively overpriced custom solutions from different vendors in order to automate my home – a solution which i can control and use the available windows or web tools from is preferable by far.

So…. anyone out there have solution? A wall-mounted 10″ Windows 7 slate? Preferably POE ? And available in australia ?

4 thoughts on “Wall mounted tablets/slates and POE

  1. Fujitsu Stylistic Q550…
    Fingerprint reader smart card scanner etc etc
    Vesa Compliant mount…

    I use one and it’s pretty cool

    Hope all else is well


    1. hey man – never know who’s going to turn up as a reader! Any business trips down to Adelaide anytime soon ?

      yer, i had a look at that – and similar…. i think its kinda expensive for what im after…. there’s this one http://shop.skinnybytes.com/101-PoE-Computer-TouchScreen-Tablet-PoE-101.htm which is also POE powered… which is a bonus…. and at $699 of yank funny-money, its 1/2 the price of the fujitsu even after shipping….
      it would however, still be nice to buy something out of Aus if possible. (havent stopped looking yet)

      meh – the fuju is only $729 in the states (http://www.shopfujitsu.com/Q550/index.php) , so thats more like it…. just another case of Aus retailers massively over-charging

  2. Hi there,
    Did you ever solve this one ?

    I’m in the exact same situation, have the T24 looking for a wall mounted touchscreen around 7 to 10 inch. Tried to setup the sip side of the T24 to iPhone/iPad, not really working. I want to preview who’s at the door before I accept a VoIP call from the camera.

    Would be interested to know if you have this setup working.


    1. Hey Mat,
      in short no.

      There’s plenty going on with the end stages of construction of my house, so i’ve shelved looking for a solution at the moment.

      Im hopeful that along with windows 8 – and the inevitable slow of slates that will come with it, that the chances of a nice, maunfacturer wall mount mount will become available. So from the point of view, im going to wait a little while and see if anything pops out…. if not, then ill have to look at other options.

      There are plenty of home made ones around the web – but while i can do stuff like that, making it look good is not my forte 🙂