VMXNet3 drives for PE

So I imagine most of you do your reference builds (and test builds) in virtual machines….. if your running Hyper-V – this “just works”…..

Today I had a client who mandated the use of VMXNet3 in their VMware 5.1 environment, instead of E1000 – which we usually ask for (and get) – “that’s fine, ill just import the driver” I thought….

Navigated to C:program filesVMwareVMware Tools…. nup, not there anymore

Mounted the VMware Tools CD – nup, no there anymore either….

Google….. lists the 2 above locations…. awesome – that’s no help.

Anyhoo – after a quick search – C:Program filesCommon filesVMwareDrivers….. doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere…. and am also not sure if its only a VMware 5.1 thing… but hey – just in case someone else runs into the same whackiness…

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