UAG, direct access and bad cert names

I purchased a wildcard SSL cert today – as sooooooo many things i want to do on the corporate network now require crl’s… so i thought it be worth a little bit of money to remove the hassle of using my internal CA, publishing the crl etc.

For this, i purchased a cheapy wildcard (at $150 year) – which, for the amount of time its already saved was money well spent.

When setting up Direct Access within UAG, the group policies refused to get created, thankfully, google came to the rescue with – which was dead on my issue – the cheapy cert had a comma where there shouldnt be a comma!

Anyhoo – thanks to terrance, i modified the generated ps script and away i went…. people that blog the answers to this type of thing are awesome 🙂

2 thoughts on “UAG, direct access and bad cert names

  1. Thanks Hayes (not sure if that’s your name but I can’t find any other reference on your site). The certificate issue took a good chunk of my time to figure it out so it’s great to know it helped you when you came across it.

    1. No worries terrance – IMO, that type of thing is what makes the web great – people posting solutions that MAY help someone at some time – i hope this is what my site does for parts of SCCM.
      And yes – my name is hayes… yes really, and yes it is my first name! 🙂