Thecus N7700 – an update

So its been a few months since i purchased and posted about the Thecus N7700 NAS box i purchased.

After much hair pulling, ive effectively found the following:

* Do not try and use AD integration on the NAS box…. while it works initially, it always stops working and completely stops all access to your shares. The time frames it dies in seem to vary from a few hours to a few days

* There is absolutely no useful logging that i could find or anyone could point me to – so trying to troubleshoot the device is difficult to impossible

* Thecus support does not answer support requests. I did get one reply to my initial email asking for my configuration files, which i sent – and have not heard anything since –  this is over 6 weeks ago. Follow up emails have not been answered

I had purchased this NAS because i wanted something simple that just worked – and if it stopped working, someone who would support it. I have found out the hard way that i paid a premium for something with neither of those qualities and i would have been far better off just creating my own NAS (which i initially looked at but decided it was too much hassle)

On the off chance that someone who reads this blog is looking at buying a thecus box – do not buy one, its a piece of shit and the company is clearly not interested in providing working products nor support.

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