The Man Behind Windows 7’s Fast Start

so there’s a story over on the MS website about windows 7 faster starting times….

I completely agree – windows 7 starting times and “time to use-ability” are quite good – especially in comparison to vista…. however the tone of the article worries the hell out of me.

“It gave me a really good feeling,” Dietrich says. “I thought, ‘Wow, it’s not just that we’re on the right path, but we’re really making a change in perception for reviewers and the general public here.'”

So it was a surprise people wanted their OS to start faster ? Are you fucking kidding me? The way the entire article is written seems to indicate the unfortunate approach MS take to their OSes… “lets cram more bloat in! – it was a real rarity to look at peformance!”

I get it, features drive sales….  but what do you think your sales figures on windows 8 would be if it was absolutely identical to Windows 7 and started/ran 20% or 30% quicker ? If people could come into work and have their PC started without having to make a coffee….  there wouldn’t be many corporates happy with that.

Maybe it is my interpretation of the articles tone… or more likely, i just come from a different planet to people that decide whats important within MS.