Syndicate – old is new again

A couple of my fave games when i was a youngster were Syndicate and Syndicate Wars back on the good ol amiga….

The remake, which is an FPS, not an isometric team shooter, looks interesting though….

There are so many old games that could do with a remake… the difficult thing ofcourse is making the remake true to the original while still updating enough to make it relevant by todays standards. As per one of my older posts, Team 17 (one of the bext publishers in the later days of the Amiga) failed dismally with the remake of the alien breed series recently on PC… but it doesnt mean it should be tried

*Edit 21/11/2011* – After my support experience EA…. i wont be buying this after all… shame, because it looks good – but when it doesnt allow me to download content that ive paid for – and there are no legitimate support avenues – ill be in the same position i am now with other EA games…. either cannot play, or am missing content – with almost no chance of a resolution.

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