Symantec Endpoint Protection and UAG SP1

Im a big fan of no anti-virus on servers…. or if you must have it, only the AV component (no network rubbish) with no realtime turned on…. if you have all your endpoints protected and entry points into the network – its just not required.

For example – an Exchange server or  a Lync server….. sure use a specific antivirus product for exchange…. but not a fucking file-level anti-virus, its just completely pointless! What are you trying to achieve apart from poor performance, corrupted databases and upgrade hassles ?

Anyhoo – today i had the fun of finding out that Symantec Enpoint Protection – bluescreens UAG when trying to upgrade to SP1. Fortunately it was a virtual – so we reverted back to a previous snapshot, removed the piece of shit, which is worse than a virus, and the UAG SP1 upgrade proceeded with no issues.