* sigh *

Another example of the cruelest and most deameaning law we (as in most of the world, excluding 4 countires) have, causing suffering and pain for people….

“Woman ‘has the right’ to starve to death” – http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/03/24/2854546.htm

but apparently not the right to make up her own mind to die in a painless fashion at the time of her choosing…. So… how exactly is this not incredibly sick and evil ?

I do like this bit… “Her estranged husband wants her admitted to hospital so she can be forced to eat.”

Makes sense, why should she be able to make a decision about her life…. that would almost be like the freedom to choose and we can’t have that – after all, we do live in a “democracy” (yes, im including the kiwi’s in that “we”)

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