Screen scaling for Xbox series S/X – and anything else

I’ve had a Sharp aquos TV for quite a few years now (LC-70LE650X) – which is mainly used as a media centre via the Intel NUC that is attached.

There has always been a screen-scaling issue – where, depending on the NUC, the display doesn’t quite fill the TV, or is too big for the TV.  On my PC, this can be addressed by using the HDMI scaling setting without the Radeon control panel – so i never really looked into the TV or AVR settings.

Then i got an XBOX series S – and have been playing quite a bit of the excellent game “Hades” – but cannot see the amount of coin i have and other collectable items – as it is simply off the screen.

Since the wife and kid were away for a few days – i decided to put in some time to trying to work out where this setting was so i could see everything.

Initially, i thought it was going to be input specific on the AVR (i have a Denon AVR 2700H) – but there nothing useful here. Googling seemed to indicate that it wasn’t something that was configured at an AVR level.

I looked at the XBOX “calibrate TV” settings – only to find that there was nothing that can actually be set – just a few screens designed to assist with the process of configuring the TV.

I looked through the TV settings and could see nothing that seemed to relate to screen scaling – so i upgraded the firmware to the latest – just incase – but there was no difference in available settings.

I ended up just playing with some settings – as none of them seem to be what i was looking for – there was definitely no setting for “scaling” anywhere.

For my TV – it ended up being the setting “wide mode” – which was set to auto…. as soon as i changed that to “Dot by Dot”… everything resized correctly… i could see the entire screen on the XBOX, i could turn off HDMI scaling on the PC.


Pretty obscure setting IMO… so hopefully if someone is googling the same issue i had – this will save them some time.

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