Recently we’ve dealt with a number of schools who have been moving to SCCM… so far, each school has used their “default” services provider to install SCCM…. for a few days up to a few weeks…with wildly varying degrees of failure…. from not even getting a primary installed to getting it installed, but having the site status with more red than the film-clip for 99 luft ballons….

We get to come in and clean up their shit in a couple of days and have to spend most of that time un-doing the through process of what they tell the poor admins SCCM can and can’t do.

I get SCCM isnt the simplest product to pick up and run with…. but either put some time and effort into learning it, or just fuck off and leave it people that know what their doing. (and yes, this is squarely aimed at the “services” provider which has been screwing over these schools! pack of lying, incompetent bastdards)