SCCM – CAS Collapse feature

Recently had this twitter exchange around an SCCM feature i didn’t know existed – SCCM CAS collapse

When SCCM 2012 was first around, we had some clients that had previously had other “consultants” design and implement 4 primaries and a CAS for 2000 devices – and other insane rubbish. At the time, we used traditional migration methods to move them back to one primary. This probably would not have directly helped – as there was nothing about the hierarchy worth saving – but i really like this type of feature… its the type of thing that you don’t need often – but can save large amounts of time and effort when you run into a situation needing it.


As a side note – i highly recommend following @djammer on twitter if your an SCCM nerd.

While social media seems to be generally used for spreading conspiracy theories, spreading hate and pictures of food (for some fucking bizarre reason) – i have found that @djammer provides decent quality information in a timely way around SCCM….. something i haven’t really seen through any other channel.

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