Samsung DLNA TV’s

So over the past year, i have purchased 2 new TV’s… both samsungs based on reviews around the web etc. which generally seem to be pretty positive.

Now the TV’s themselves seem to be pretty good…. picture quality is nice, sound is crisp enough for TV speakers (although top volume is not very loud).

One of my TV’s is a e series 6200 50″, firmware 001026, running smart hub 4.4841-5.0…

A large part of the reason i purchased these particular TV’s is because of the DLNA functionality built in and ability to play a wide variety or formats.

since then, i have run into a number of not-so-good things with the DLNA functionality

  • the interface is not only painful – but not customisable. Its also incredibly slow
  • The “Smart Hub” constantly goes through the wizard of re-aquiring an IP address… for which going through the wizard is required each time. This would probably happen every 2nd or 3rd use
  • Lack of support. I have been unable to find any samsung TV support forums. A google search of “samsung tv forum” brings back a cnet forum, whirlpool posts etc…. but no official forums. What a fucking joke.
  • Loss of network connectivty. If i should do something whacky, such as pause a movie being played from a DLNA device, 70% of the time, i will get “network error” and the interface will go back to the “smart hub” – with no option to resume when re-entering “all play” (which is the ironic name of the DLNA client)
  • The “all play” DLNA server software will not index anything located on a network drive…. so thats useless
  • the DLNA server/client solution “Plex” is available for some samsung TV’s….. but not mine. This may offer some relief from the issues above – which begs the question, why not just make plex the default DLNA client for the TV?

The DLNA interface is effectively unusable and completely unsupported. So i have been forced to go back to using an additional media player on each device….

In short – while the TV itself isnt bad – do not expect to get a usable DLNA client from this device.

3 thoughts on “Samsung DLNA TV’s

  1. i have purchased samsung LED series 5 model 40″EH5300 and when i connected it to DLNA server my book live then i found that the movie i am watching didnt forwad or revind i wanted to figure it out desperately because i bought it sepcially for watching movies but it didnt fw/re and without these two options it useless for me
    is there any solution for it ?plz buddies help me
    i have another samsung LCD series 6 3years old model but at it movies are playing good with fw/Re option which is also connected with the same DLNA server
    i needed your experience guys plzzzz

    1. mate – please stop with the “plzzzzzzzzzzz”‘s…. it makes it look like your an uneducated 12 year old.
      You would be better off posting in a forum for this type of question – however i will say that i have completely thorwn out the idea of using any of the commerically available DLNA clients, such as astone, WD Live and the DLNA client built in to TV’s…. i am currently writing an article on the intel NUC as a media centre – which is far more expensive – but more flexible option.

  2. I know this is an old post, but I’m replying in case other people are having the same problems. Serviio is a free media server for Windows, Mac and Linux and addresses a lot of the problems you had experienced. It has renderers for Samsung TV’s and allows pausing and rewind/forward. It also let’s you index content on network drives (yay) and even network streams.