i purchased rage from steam the other day – as i’ll pay $60 for a new release – but $90 is a bit excessive… to the point where im even going to wait for Skyrim… not an easy task!

Anyhoo – another reason i tend to wait a bit these days is that games are as buggy as all fuck on release… fallout: new vegas definately was….. fallout 3 and oblivion weren;t too bad, but the patches improved things greatly. After a few weeks, these major bugs are normally sorted – but not in the case of RAGE apparently.

Video issues for rage seem to be common place – i get flickering on the entire screen ever time a frame is re-drawn from moving… so its kinda unplayable.

Bethesda are blaming the drivers…. – but cmon guys, your testing cant of been that good to let this one get through – and for so many people…. i get that consoles are easier to develop for, because of the fixed hardware config… but realistically these days you have to allow for 2 mjaor streams of gfx cards on PC’s…. for a game thats going to make you multiple millions of dollars…. is testing on each of them really too much to ask!

And as lambert just said to me “at least it works on consoles” – true….. but why would i play something that will really benefit from better hardware, like skyrim or rage on a fucking console with shitty old gfx ?


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