I posted a while ago about RAGE not working on release… primarily video issues that made it unplayable.

Well, its been a while now – and since moving has calmed down a  little, i have started playing RAGE this week…. with all but very minor issues gone (due to ATI driver updates)

The main thing i have to say about rage is “Boooom!”… stuff blows up! its not a game that requires any type of thought…. get big guns (and i like that you can carry all of your weapons…. none of this limit to 2 or 4 shit) point them at the closest bad mutant/gearhead etc thing…. and shoot them until dead… repeat. I do particularly like the pop-rock ammo for the shot-gun.

The car racing parts are pretty dull and its very repetitive in general…. its definately not a “great” game (i.e. fallout 3, bioshock, elite, last ninja 2) …. but its fun, it looks and plays great (i.e. well polished finish) and its one of those games you can fill in 15 minutes with easily and put it back down again when you have to go dig trenches or create a reference build in the middle of the night.

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