Parallels phone spam

Recently, my staff an I have been subjected to a bunch of phone call spam from

I’m getting calls from a UK number, + 442033276423, asking us to partner…. the first time, it was “no thanks”, subsequent calls have been met with less friendly suggestions, and then a block.

Still, no company with decent software needs to engage in this type of activity – avoid.

*update 4/10/2016*

They still call persistently, two times a day, leaving “silence” voice mails after their number has been blocked. There doesn’t seem to be a way to block the number and prevent them from leaving voicemail…. any app developers out there want to write an app to do that? (if you can do that). Its a windows 10 phone, so you’d have to be willing to write an app for a platform that commands a whopping 0.7% of the handset market and, based on the complete lack of support from Microsoft and the rumour mill, unlikely to exist for much longer!

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