Panasonic air con and some stellar support

Email chain with panasonic support below…. asking for the totally unreasonable option to setting a timer for auto-off within the “comfort cloud” app. Long version below – short version, Panasonic seem to have some mind-blowingly unhelpful people working for them…. go with a different brand.

My initial request via web form

Support type: ContactUs(Feedback or suggestion)

Product details:

Product type: Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Product category: Split Systems – Wall Mounted

Product model: CS-Z42TKR / CU-Z42TKR

We have 2 x CS-Z42XKRW units (didn’t appear to be listed in the model drop-down) … and we would like to be able to set a timer within the comfort cloud app – but we cannot find this setting. Just to be clear, we don’t want a weekly schedule… we want to be able to turn the unit on – and then say “auto-turn off in 2 hours”… our existing panasonic ducted unit can do it (which granted is not controlled by comfort cloud) – but these new units don’t seem to be able to do it. What are we missing ?

Their 1st response ignoring i specifically mentioned i was not after a weekly schedule

Dear Hayes,

Thank you for your email.

As per the attached user manual page 16, the application only has a weekly for timer.

My attempt to try and get something… anything out of them.

So… no plans to add this? Anywhere I can request it ? Anything that actually helps at all ?

The Microsoft-support-level-bad response

Hi Hayes,

The comfort cloud app gives you the opportunity to switch your air conditioner off and on at you leisure from anywhere, anytime. It does not have a 2hr timer to automatically turn off your system.

The suggestion is that you set an alarm on your phone to prompt yourself to turn off the air conditioning system from your phone after 2 hrs. if that is your requirement.

So… there you have it…. there is no way to request a multi-billion $ company to add a basic function to their app….. and the response just indicates that the product is, like many things currently, effectively unsupported.

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  1. Get a sensibo, I got 1 for the lounge split that didn’t have connectivity, and ended up with 2 which replaced the bedroom split that already did, but this was much better.

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