Online gaming….

It’s been many many years since i played games online…. i used to play a lot of Quake 2 online, many years ago.

I also got into Starcraft 2 when released – great game… and very addictive multiplayer. I stopped playing it for a few months, as i found i was addicted! Re-installed it and had a few games this week – and was quickly reminded why i stopped playing it. It seems the most popular comments in game are “fag”, “gay” and “noob”… sure every now and again there is someone that can actually string a sentence together, but mostly it seems to be random strings of text such as “uz is gayz” and “u sux noob”… and these seem to increase in frequency should you actually be winning.

Sometimes i query the comments and find out that “gayz” and “fagz” are apparently bad…. “Noob” apparently cannot be explained and queries are met with a further comment “u is noob” or other illiterate rubbish.

It worries me a bit that we have a generation (most of them are in their teens – or so they say) that seems to hate gays so much (well done christian organisations, you seem to have achieved one of your objectives) and have such difficulty forming sentences – and when giving them crap back – they cant seem to do anything other than say the same things over and over…. geez, if your going to talk smack – at least be good at it!