Now thats weird

So for my home TV setup i have

1 TV aerial on the roof

1 coax cable running down to my server room

a cheapy dick smith aerial splitter (1 to 3) – from my old house….

a kasier-bass network TV tuner (which as previously discussed is awesome)

a PDL (Lexcom home) coax to network converter ( – which clipsal are apparently no longer selling in Aus. (also see


About 6-8 to weeks ago, channel 10 and SBS started getting fuzzy…. not analogue snowy fuzzy, but 8-bit gaming blocky fuzzy, cutting in and out etc. Was fine when used via the Kasier-Bass… but not via the PDL….

So a mate came over tonight who knows far more than cabiling about than i…. got out the multi-meter…. yep, that cables is fine…. etc… take a TV into the server room and plug directly in…. yep, thats fine.

So – what fixed it?…. on the 3-way splitter, plugging in an additional shielded cable…. not attached to anything…. just plugging it in, signal clears up immediately…. weird!


Oh and on the Lexcom TV to network converter… makes sense to just run network cable all around the house instead of a mix of coax, network, power…. but apparently not according to manufacturers…. not surprising really, the rest of the home electrical business seems to be stuck in the 50’s…. (i went with Bticino for my automation…. that was a mistake)

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