Nokia Lumia 930

I purchased a Nokia Lumia 930 approx. a month ago now, moving up from my HTC Titan.

I found the HTC titan to be quite good overall, but the camera wasn’t the best – and now with a child and a dog doing funny things all the time, I found myself wanting a 1/2 decent camera close at hand quite often.

The main functions I use my phone for are: the phone (duh), txt messaging, music, calendar, email, torch, camera, Bluetooth and occasionally, the maps. I’ve never really been an app user, so the substantially smaller range of apps available on the windows marketplace isn’t a factor for me.

The reception on the phone is substantially better than the Titan, basically because its 4G vs. 3G, but it is nice to have far better reception in areas that used to be black spots.

Txt messaging, email, calendar, torch is all the same – and just works, the way you would expect them to.

The camera is awesome, the quality of shots and video it produces is very good – and obviously being part of the phone is very handy. This is nothing new for anyone else with a current generation phone – and I see there are lots of websites that compare the photo quality in painful detail…. for those of us that don’t expect to take professional quality photos with a phone, in my opinion, this offers a very good “always available” photo and video option.

Every now and again, I get a pop-up in another language (Korean maybe?) – which is prompting for something – and a reboot of the phone seems to be the only way out. Not sure how I am triggering the pop-up.

Overall speed and cleanliness of the interface is great, its easy to customise and easy to use.

For me, the phone has two big downsides :

– Xbox music is just rubbish. It crashes, its slow, when connecting via Bluetooth the phone wont default to playing random songs (which it did on WP 7.5) when pressing play – you have to start the app on the phone first! (Which doesn’t defeat the purpose of Bluetooth audio at all!) selecting “random play” plays all the tracks, but not randomly! you have to select random (again, it worked on WP 7.5). Hopefully an update will come out to give us back the music interface from WP 7.5 and ditch this poorly thought out rubbish.

– Non-removable battery. Apparently, Nokia, under an MS banner, has decided to take the Apple approach and try to lock people into using “authorised service centres” for doing something as basic as replacing a battery… and of course ignoring the situations where it can be handy to have a spare battery with you – and just swap it out. Shithouse design decision there.

Its possible that the music situation gets fixed (although I think unlikely) but not so for the battery.

Overall – its still a good phone, but the fixed battery and music app really lets down what otherwise, would have been awesome.