Nokia Lumia 930 – update to 8.1

A message popped up on my lumia 930 stating it was ready to upgrade to windows 8.1… “cool” – was my thought – upgrade away….

After upgrading…..

  • Cortana is available on the start menu
  • if I try and open a text message, it crashes
  • if I try and make a phone call, it crashes
  • If it try and reboot, by pressing the power button, it hangs… and I had the joy of waiting until the phone ran out of battery until I could use it again (approx. 6 hours)… its not as if my mobile is important to my business of life in general… so that’s fine. (that’s sarcasm BTW Americans)
  • After that, it actually seemed to work fine


In short…. upgrade at a time where you don’t need your phone for a few hours (as in 6-8)

* update 19/01/2015 * – Today I have found the phone hangs after entering my PIN….. and since there is no way to remove the battery… I get to wait another 4-6 hours….. yay (it has currently been hung for 2 hours….)


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