Monitor flicker with AMD Radeon RX590

A month or two back, i grabbed a new media/VR PC – and had a great deal of flicker on the screen. After some googling, i found that “Virtual super resolution” seemed to be a common cause – and disabling this stopped the flicker.

Fast forward to today – and a monitor on my main work PC was flickering once every 5-10 seconds. I had recently swapped over my 2nd monitor from DVI to DP – but there was a 4 day delay between that and when the flicker started occurring. I had also updated the monitor driver for the primary display.

After some looking at the settings – i found that “virtual super resolution” had been enabled on the HDMI monitor – and given previous experience, i turned this off…. and voila – no flicker. Since my primary monitor is already a pretty good res – i have no need to “render at resolution higher than the displays native pixel grid”.

There didn’t appear to be a driver update between the time it wasn’t and was happening…. so my only guess is that updating the monitor driver caused the AMD settings software to re-evaluate and turn this setting on – which is frustratingly unnecessary.

Still – its a somewhat obscure setting – so – this post is to remind me for next time and help anyone else that might run into the same issue!

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