So i still have a HTC TYTN II… with a replaced battery a few months ago, its still going strong… running and official version of Windows mobile 6.1 – i have never put a hacked rom of Win 7 phone on there…. as the current version works, i think Win7 will kill the hardware, and i like my tethering.

Every now and again, i look into the current generation of phones and see if its worth upgrading…. and over the past 30 minutes – as per previous looks, ive been most confused…. not because of not understanding the technology – but wondering where these products are aimed…

Windows 7 phone, even with updates seems to to be a consumer level device with some enterprise features tacked on – but confusingly consumer level items such as a half-decent GPS (such as the iphone) or easy to use music playback seem to be lacking…. and tethering is gone…. the local MS guys claim because no-one liked tethering…. bullshit, i like it… its bloody handy. (just like apparently no-one wants Lync handsets with video – apart from every fucking customer we talk to… its not like MS to bury their heads in the sand…. )

Android 2.3 – well, one of my employees (who normally shares similar view on technology items) got a galaxy II S with android 2.3 and couldnt stop bagging the shit out of it – so that was enough for me.

IPhone 4 – Well, its definately a consumer level device… the wife has a 3GS – and quite likes it…. im a bit “meh” on it…. having said that activesync works, it makes calls (as long as you dont hold it) and the GPS/Music playing ability is kinda nice… my main issue with it seems to be that it has an “i” in front of it and “its cool” – and if the rest of soceity thinks its cool – it cant be…. i fucking hate wank talk – and apple are the kings of it.

Anyhoo – rant over. Realistically, with the rumours that iPhone 5 (or4S) is going to be out around september – that might be the best time to re-evaluate…. then i just need to find a phone provider that doesnt wrap their offerings in layers of deciet, bullshit and price-gouging…. 🙂

I know, i know…. i get grumpy when i talk about market segments that are just dodgey from top to bottom – and telecommunications is definately that.

2 thoughts on “Mobiles….

  1. Samsung’s version of Android is a little sucky. You need to try some of the other flavours of Android! (like HTC Sense)

    iPhone will always be a consumer level device with consumer level options. I went from an iPhone to an Android and haven’t looked back – just having all the extra email account options (delivery times, etc) makes it worth it.

    1. Damn other employees that get offended that they were the employee i was referring to and then smack me down on my blog…! 🙂

      yes – Lambert has since made that point to….. ill still wait til sept/oct…. maybe the next version of the iphone you will be able to hold and still make calls ? Such a fast moving market at the moment…. only have to wait a little while to see what the next versions bring.

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