Missing stargate….

I had my tonsils out last week – and have used the rest time very effectively – and finished off watching Star Trek: TNG. (and eating ice cream… mmmm ice cream)

While i definately do like like star trek in general – i found by the end of it i was hanging out for some pew-pew space battles…. and when thinking about it a little further, there aren’t really that many movies which have epic space battles…. star wars ep 6 had a good one… the last star-fighter… and a quick google found this list…. http://au.movies.ign.com/articles/102/1028155p1.html

One of the (many) things stargate did well was space pew-pew…. in the later seasons of SG1 and all through atlantis… the battles with goual’d/ori/wraith cruisers and the oddessy/prometheus/daedalus were great… the only downside was that there wasnt more of them… especially after the Asgard left us their beam weapons….

With stargate dead and buried (very disappointingly) – im left wondering where the next awesome space pew-pew will be coming from

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