Making your software product too hard to obtain….

A client has recently merged and are looking at doing a merging into a single forest/domain structure – but up until that happens, they are keen to get the basics, immediately – such as file, calendar and address book sharing – all of which is fair enough.

It had been a while since I looked at GALsync-type solutions – so I did a bit of a search to find what was current.

One of the solutions I came across was Quest Quick Connect Express for Active Directory via

I’ve never been a huge fan of the quest products – they seem to get sold pretty hard by Dell consultants who don’t care if the product actually meets the needs of the client – and they are fucking expensive, however, when used for the right job – they actually do work pretty well.

In this case, I found the dell download link ( and proceeded to try and obtain this free product. Two account sign ups later – I’m not entitled to the software…. so does that mean its now paid software when it previously free? Fair enough – might be worth mentioning that by having a licensing link on the page, or pricing etc… something to indicate it isn’t free anymore.

Is there a trial available ? Doesn’t look like it.

In short Dell – that fucking sucks. I don’t care that its not free anymore – I care that you made me jump through hoops to find out that it wasn’t free anymore – and also gave me no indication as to what the price is, where I can find out what the price is, what (if any) trial/demo’s are available etc. Absolutely zero useful information.