Lync 2010 and compatibility

OCS/Lync has always had some compatibility issues with other VOIP prvodiers out…. MS’s decision to go with SIP over TCP (instead of UDP) and the use of RTAudio seem to be the main ones.

When implementing in a corporate environment, Lync is a great solution on its own – but definately has its challenges when trying to integrate with other VOIP or video conferencing providers – partially due to good ol co-opetition, partially due to lack of standards. (and polycom/snom/astra Lync handsets seem to be remarkably hard to get hold of in Aus – and ludicrously expensive)

Anyhoo – im building a new place – and have been looking into how to use Lync technologies appropriately for a home environment. Sip trunk and handsets around the house – thats a given.

 So far, the only IP video and door solution ive been able to find is from – and noticed that they use a grandstream IP phone as their base-station (

How awesome would it be to be able to use Lync as endpoint? Additionally, where are the $350 video enabled handsets for Lync? For that matter, where are the video enabled handsets for Lync at all ? Why cant i use Lync with intercom type endpoints ?

I know, i know…. Lync, while a stable and mature product is relatively immature when it comes to add-on devices.

Its just so aggrivating when you see what is out there and available from other manufacturers in terms of voip/sip/video equipment – and how little of it can be used with Lync. While i realise this wont change – i just needed to write something to vent!

* Update 2/6/2011 * – i ran aacross this article –… basically comparing sip over TCP to UDP…. MS make some fair points… still doesnt change the fact that not having any interface for UDP greatly reduces compatibility with many devices on the market…. but this is far better than not having any comment on it at all.

I should also point out that io managed to find an Aastra handset reseller whom seem to be responsivbe – thats a good start.

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