Lumia 930 to 550

Recently, my Lumia 930 got a little crack in the screen…. and it wasn’t very long until the little crack became a “whole of screen is shattered” crack…. the touchscreen still worked – but the seeming inability to get the screen replaced without the digitiser (at a cost of around $250) put me off trying to get it fixed.

I looked at the current generation of phones…. Lumia 950… approx. $1100 ($AUD), Lumia 550 $198 ($AUD)

I picked up a the Lumia 550, as, as the time I was undecided if I was going to try and get the 930 fixed still…. but now that I have the 550 – fuck that.

The 550 is plastic and has a 5MP camera…. but after a week of using it – so what.

The 550 is a good phone, the battery is easily swappable, its responsive, WinPhone10 has a decent music app (Unlike win phone 8.1), the Bluetooth works without dropouts…. on paper its an inferior phone…. but actually using it, its a bloody good phone at a far more reasonable price point than the 950.


I would really like to see the windows phone app for PC evolve a little though…. why on earth is it used for only syncing?

Why can’t I do things like import my internal certificates, setup email accounts, customise the start screen, create ringtones from MP3s ? This is pretty basic stuff – why make me do it from a tiny keyboard on my phone ?

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