Lumia 550 – Good…. until you try and get a replacement battery

I wrote previously about how good the 550 is for a $200 phone.

Sure, its a little slow sometimes…. but overall, its very good.

Lately, my battery life has been quite diminished…. as per all batteries once they get a little older.

Went online to find a new battery, bl-t5a…. could only find them from US, French or Spanish ebay sellers, who wont ship internationally… the local retailer I purchased the phone from (JB Hifi) doesn’t stock batteries… battery specialist stores, such as battery world cant get them… and Microsoft… well, im not insane enough to even try contacting them.

So, the long and short of it… im screwed. I now get approx. 4-6 hours stand-by time on my phone and basically cannot get another battery for it.

This, extremely important and very unexpected issue, means that the 550, and any other phone without a battery commonly used by android phones has to go in the “avoid at all costs” bucket…… which is unfortunate.

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