kb974571 strikes again…

A while back i wrote about this patch which killed OCS… (which the OCS team have now fixed)

I got an email today from one of my guys saying that it also killed USMT… sure enough, i just ran into the same thing….

The SMSTS.log reports

Failed to import the client certificate store (0x80092024) OSDSMPClient <Date>
ClientRequestToMP::DoRequest failed (0x80092024). OSDSMPClient <Date>

ExecuteCaptureRequestMP failed (0x80092024). OSDSMPClient <Date>

ExecuteCaptureRequest failed (0x80092024). OSDSMPClient <Date>

Failed to run the action: Request State Store.
Unknown error (Error: 00002024; Source: Unknown) TSManager <Date>

un-install this “patch” from the client – and the issue goes away…. moral of the story… avoid kb974571…. everywhere.

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