KB2817630 – for when you dont want to be able to sort your mail or see your folders

Something that seems to be widely reported (such as http://www.zdnet.com/update-for-outlook-2013-breaks-folder-pane-7000020512/)

i had this issue yesterday on a few of my machines, declined the update in wsus, uninstalled it (it seemed to be listed twice, if i only uninstalled one of them, it didnt fix the issue) and all was good.

MS patching, with the possible exception of the exchange rollups, have been very good over the past few years…… and sure, everyone makes a mistake every now and again… the Lync Connectivity analyser in the post below is an example of a slightly less commonly used product, so while its disappointing that a patch killed it, its a bit understandable….. but folder view for what is (i think its fair to say) the primary mail client for a large percentage corporate customers…. thats not so good.

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