Internet eh….

The bane of many people in Aus has been tring to get reasonable internet access for many years.

I recently swapped over to a naked DSL connection – to rid myself of the telstra menace – and performance has been average to say the least. (My previous service was non-naked on a different line into the house)

As of last friday, constant drop outs, when it was up, the speed was terrible etc on my DSL service. Since my ISP chose not to respond to my email, i rang them tonight… “nothing we can do, its telstra’s issue”….. but i pay you for a service, your not delivering that service, you fix it… “we cant, its telstras problem”…. log a line fault then “Telstra only garuntee line speeds of up to 1.5mb, they wont do anything”…. good service guys.

So even when you dont use telstra, they still manage to fuck you.

While i reliase that this countries ISP’s are in a bind because of the way governments over the years have let telstra absolutely rape the Australian consumer – and the infrastructure ownership issues caused by MP’s not having the balls to strcutually split telstra (which should have happened in the 80’s)  – the fact still remains, im paying you for the service – not the brainless “cant implement a billing system” bottom feeders at telstra…. dealing with telstra is a fucking nightmare – hence why im paying you for the service… so you can deal with them…. which bit of this concept is not clear!?!?

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