hotmail/ constant security prompts

Dear Microsoft – Logging on to or a service which uses a Microsoft/Live ID from a different IP address does not fucking constitute “unusual activity”; subsequently blocking access to the account with security measures that

a) are invasive

b) don’t fucking work (the text messages only sometimes come through and when they do – its in 8-16 hours time)

c) are unnecessary for some (if not many) accounts

At least provide the option to opt out of such silly “security” measures.

(oh and I love the irony of the cloud services that are available from “anywhere”…. except if anywhere has a different IP address to the one you used when you last logged on….)

2 thoughts on “hotmail/ constant security prompts

  1. That’ll probably because you don’t have a static IP and are using the ISP’s NAT’d IP. Someone on your IP is probably doing something spammy and therefore you are blocked because your on the same network.


    1. ummmm yep, I have a static IP, as do the clients I work for each day….
      Since I’m working for clients at different locations and also remotely working for clients in different states and countries.. hence the change in IP’s.
      The point of post remains – its fucking ludicrous to tag activity from multiple IP’s as security risk for a hosted service.

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