Heart of the Swarm

I, like many nerds around the world, awaited the release of Starcraft 2: Heart of the swarm – had pre-purchased it and was pretty excited to play it.

Just finished the campaign – and geez, that was was disappointing.

To put this in context, Wings of Liberty is, in my opinion, the best RTS ever made…..  the single player campagin was awesome, with (mostly) fun missions (and a few pearlers), an adequate storyline, great look and feel… and fantastic multiplayer.

Heart of the swarm was just dull…… unengaging missions, terrible story (which just doesn’t flow from the previous games), new multiplayer units are pretty unexciting…. it is pretty ofcourse, and the cinematics are awesomely detailed…. but hard to watch if you are bored shitless by the story.

I have no doubt is that part of the issue is that expectations were so high after WoL – especially considering the wait time between games…. but either way, HotS, while definitely not a bad game, is a bit disappointing.

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