Game of thrones – season 3

Great to see this has been renewed already – obviously huge ratings help…. and the first two episodes of season 2 have been good.

When i see a story like this, it makes me think back to “firefly” and “better off ted”….. firefly…. well i think the lunacy of cancelling that has been well and truly covered by so many people….. but Better off Ted….. comedy isn’t something the yanks do well….. a great example is Two and half men, frasier, big bang theory etc….. Better off Ted was just good…. and even though its been a few years since it was cancelled, im still disappointed.

“At Veridian Dynamics, we can even make radishes so spicy that people can’t eat them, but we’re not, because people can’t eat them”

2 thoughts on “Game of thrones – season 3

  1. Awesome! I thought i was the only one that liked Better off Ted…
    (came here for the SCCM, stayed for the GoT)

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