Freelancer – not so rosy now….

a couple of things have happened since my last post

1) the freelancer who completed my web page has contacted me saying that my “account issues” are holding up his withdrawal…. when i have no account issues… so while i feel bad for the guy, that he’s not getting paid – im powerless to do anything about it – additionally, he’s hassling me – as the freelancer support staff have effectively re-directed the issue…. looking at a few other pages, soome suggest that this is freelancers business model… to not pay their freelancers, or at least delay payment

2) I have posted a .net coding job – and, well, interpretation is a wonderful thing…. i would read “log reader that updates immediately when the file is updated” to mean “log reader that updates immediately when the file is updated”… but apparently it means update on a timer…. i have no confidence that this project will ever see an end – especially through freelancer…. but im going to see it through – as i have also read articles about how difficult it is to get money back out once it has been deposited.

if this type of site was run legimately – it could work…. but the more i deal with freelancer – the less legitimate it seems.

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