Free Speech

Australia is a free nation, free to think what we want, say what want, do what we want… as long as we dont choose to use that freedom to think or say things deemed as “bad” by someone, somewhere…

Just as well we have freedom… our federal politicans are a bunch of spineless evil arse-clowns.

Euthanasia, not only is it illegal to die with dignity, its apparently illegal to discuss it and advertise promoting discussion about it.

So even though the over-whelming majority of Australians believe *in concept* that its a good idea, trying to raise awareness of it isn’t allowed?

Yet an organisation such as the catholic church that protects child molestors, promotes creating mythical beings in order to financially and intellectually destroy its followers is allowed to advertise as much as it wants.

We live in a sick and depraved society.

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