Far Cry 3 (Getting through the steam backlog)

As per the title – I’ve been playing Far Cry 3 – not a new game I know, but instead of buying new games (such as elite dangerous) I’m trying to actually play some of the games I have already purchased – generally in steam summer sales.

I know I am not alone in this endeavour, I have a few mates that are the same and I imagine there’s quite a few people out there with large steam libraries – of which they have not played a great deal of.

Anyhoo – I just finished Far Cry 3… and, well, that was impressive and fun… best game I have played in a while.
Some aspects of the story were a bit bizarre, but graphically it was great, the weapon variety and available upgrades were fantastic, the missions and stealth aspects were done quite well, in that you could go in guns blazing, or stealth, or a mix of both… I was a big fan of disabling the alarms via stealth then using the shredder to run around an finish the bad guys off.

In short – for those of you that also have a steam backlog (you know who you are) – I recommend putting Far Cry 3 near the top of your “play it at some stage” list.

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