Exchange 2010 – First impressions

So i grabbed exchange 2010 RTM today and quickly made up two virtuals to replace the exchange 2007 servers in the adexis environment.

First impression was “this is easy” and it was…. i havent set up any of the cool features yet, such as archiving or DAG’s… but thats for when i get the time (probably the weekend) – but as far as install and migration from exchange 2007 – so far, its been very very easy.

I do also like the online mailbox moves…. meant i could type out the doco i will use internally in a draft at the same time as moving my mailbox – then i got quick message stating that “your administrator wants you to restart outlook” or some such…. and that was it… all done.

I’m also swapping over to using exchange’s built in anti-spam…. which, so far, isnt very nice to configure, but we’ll find out over the coming weeks if it is actually up to the job – or if the 3rd party solution with a useable management interface is the way to go.

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