Exchange 2010 activesync and Windows Phone 7

A client pointed this article out after being unable to sync their windows 7 phone with the shiny new Exchange 2010 setup…

Which follows on to

Now i definsately give credit to MS for at least stating it “It’s important to note that Windows Phone 7 (WP7) primarily was developed as a consumer device and not an enterprise device. As a result there of many of the enterprise oriented features we had in Windows Mobile 6.x aren’t available in WP7”

That doesnt mean that i dont think its pretty poor for Windows phone to not work with exchange out of the box…. but the more MS can be encouraged and recieve positive feedback for stating the truth when there is a feature flaw in their products – the better our lives will be! (ours = techs)

For example – in the case of – imagine if MS had just said “we have intentionally killed functionality when you use Lync in RCC mode – as we do not want to inter-operate with other vendors, you should only be using MS”….. unlikely i know…. but maybe a toned down version rather than the “its too confusing for users” bullshit.