ED – Capital ships



As per a recent galnet post, the federation (in ED) had decided to launch an attack in the Nijotec system, I headed there and found, just near the planet Nijotec 1, a capital ship – and it was awesome.

While ED is a great game, it can get a little dull – and combat has never had the fun or had the awe of a game like freespace 2 – and the massive capital ship battles in that game. This discovery changed that…. for a while, it was total chaos, with bucket-loads of enemies, beam lasers everywhere and just lots of pew-pew in general.

Unfortunately when I have gone back to the area this morning, the location is still listed, but the federation battlecrusier itself seems to have gone and the enemies show up much less frequently.

ED is great, but also has many flaws (but to frontiers credit, existing and future updates are addressing these at a pretty good pace) – more of this type of stuff – and maybe some missions around running bomber protection (yes, just like FS2) would be great.


Screenshot_0000 Screenshot_0003

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