Doom3 BFG edition

a few days ago, i saw over at shacknews that Doom3 BFG edition has been announced….
Updated gfx, new maps etc….
I think this is a great thing….  along with the re-mastered versions of monkey island, upcoming baulders gate 1 & 2 etc… updating solid games with new engines etc is a great thing in general – as it allows you to relive the old game without constantly thinking about how dated it is.

What surprised me… (or maybe disappointed is the right word) si some of the comments flying around about it.

1) Doom3 was a good game… the expansion was a little average, but still playable and fun

2) “It’s a cash grab”…. ummm… people that want to buy it will… those that dont, wont. Last time i checked, companies are in business to make money – and if they provide a product that their target market wants… why bag them for it?

3) “RAGE was so bad that they needed to fall back on something decent” – RAGE was good…. not great… (and metacritic with an average of 79 would seem to support hat) – but fun to play and good enough that i would definitiely buy RAGE 2 if it was to happen.

Anyhoo – point is, im all for the re-makes….. updating classics is generally a good thing…. now if who-ever the descent and freespace series these days (parralax disapopeared a while ago) would do HD versions of them, that would be awesome… oh – and freespace 3 while your at it!

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