Doom (2016)

Good game…. great game in fact

Good bits

  • Very fast paced – even no weapon reloading – different, but good
  • Glory kills are surprisingly well implemented and a lot of fun
  • Looks and sounds brilliant
  • the way the story is told, by using holograms in game, instead of cut scenes, is really good

bits I’m not so sure on

  • It is quite short, but by the end it gets a little repetitive, so its probably about right.
  • I would have liked the background music to be heavier…. yes, that’s because I like heavy rock/metal…. and I know not everyone does…. but it fits with the game…
  • The rocket launcher… strange for an ID game, but the rocket launcher in this version just feels like a poor weapon….
  • Multiplayer… meh, its a bit dull….


I’ve played it through twice, got all the achievements, and that will probably be it, I don’t see it as a game ill go back too…. but those two play-throughs were a lot of fun – I think it is worth the $.

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