Current day SPAM

SPAM is an unfortunate fact of life… whether or not it be random religious whack jobs, penis enlargements or nigerian bank managers who have found an error which will end up in me getting $50 million, all they need is a little good faith money – its all as annoying as each other. Fortunately when it comes to email SPAM – there are many cheap and effective ways to dealing with this so only the smallest amount gets through.

Stupid stuff – but managable – and really, apart from the stupid amounts of bandwidth it consumes – not much of an issue anymore. (although i still believe in all for the death penalty for spammers)

However, as per usual, local sales people also seem to think that were not already bombarded by enough mindless bullshit and want to get in on the act…. so after i purchased a new car… the car dealership decided to send me advertisements for new cars …. a quick call to dealership explaining that if they ever want my business again, you wont send me any shit ever… problem kinda solved (one still gets through ever 6 months or so)

The we have the real-estate agent who tried to sell our house – apparently i need a market update along with a letter about what he did over xmas….. when did i ask for this shit ?

Then we have the best of the lot – the hospital research foundation home lottery – which i purchased a ticket in years ago, thinking “hey, i could win something, and if i dont, im supporting medical research – im good with that”…. apparently what i really said was “take my details and constantly send me letters and text messages telling me that another lottery is on or that one is about to close, or that the early bird is about to expire etc…. even if you unsubscribe multiple times, we wont listen and will just continue to bombard you with our crap”

my point:

If your in SA, do not ever buy a ticket or provide your details to the hospital research foundation home lottery

Marketing and salespeople who think adding someone to your mailing list without permission is acceptable…. go find a short length of rope, and appropriate beam that will hold your weight and do the world a favour

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