Samsung DLNA TV’s

So over the past year, i have purchased 2 new TV’s… both samsungs based on reviews around the web etc. which generally seem to be pretty positive.

Now the TV’s themselves seem to be pretty good…. picture quality is nice, sound is crisp enough for TV speakers (although top volume is not very loud).

One of my TV’s is a e series 6200 50″, firmware 001026, running smart hub 4.4841-5.0…

A large part of the reason i purchased these particular TV’s is because of the DLNA functionality built in and ability to play a wide variety or formats.

since then, i have run into a number of not-so-good things with the DLNA functionality

  • the interface is not only painful – but not customisable. Its also incredibly slow
  • The “Smart Hub” constantly goes through the wizard of re-aquiring an IP address… for which going through the wizard is required each time. This would probably happen every 2nd or 3rd use
  • Lack of support. I have been unable to find any samsung TV support forums. A google search of “samsung tv forum” brings back a cnet forum, whirlpool posts etc…. but no official forums. What a fucking joke.
  • Loss of network connectivty. If i should do something whacky, such as pause a movie being played from a DLNA device, 70% of the time, i will get “network error” and the interface will go back to the “smart hub” – with no option to resume when re-entering “all play” (which is the ironic name of the DLNA client)
  • The “all play” DLNA server software will not index anything located on a network drive…. so thats useless
  • the DLNA server/client solution “Plex” is available for some samsung TV’s….. but not mine. This may offer some relief from the issues above – which begs the question, why not just make plex the default DLNA client for the TV?

The DLNA interface is effectively unusable and completely unsupported. So i have been forced to go back to using an additional media player on each device….

In short – while the TV itself isnt bad – do not expect to get a usable DLNA client from this device.

Now thats weird

So for my home TV setup i have

1 TV aerial on the roof

1 coax cable running down to my server room

a cheapy dick smith aerial splitter (1 to 3) – from my old house….

a kasier-bass network TV tuner (which as previously discussed is awesome)

a PDL (Lexcom home) coax to network converter ( – which clipsal are apparently no longer selling in Aus. (also see


About 6-8 to weeks ago, channel 10 and SBS started getting fuzzy…. not analogue snowy fuzzy, but 8-bit gaming blocky fuzzy, cutting in and out etc. Was fine when used via the Kasier-Bass… but not via the PDL….

So a mate came over tonight who knows far more than cabiling about than i…. got out the multi-meter…. yep, that cables is fine…. etc… take a TV into the server room and plug directly in…. yep, thats fine.

So – what fixed it?…. on the 3-way splitter, plugging in an additional shielded cable…. not attached to anything…. just plugging it in, signal clears up immediately…. weird!


Oh and on the Lexcom TV to network converter… makes sense to just run network cable all around the house instead of a mix of coax, network, power…. but apparently not according to manufacturers…. not surprising really, the rest of the home electrical business seems to be stuck in the 50’s…. (i went with Bticino for my automation…. that was a mistake)


Yes – like many (many) others – i’ll add to the general chorus of “The avengers is awesome” by stating that i thought the avengers was awesome!

I already subscribed to the “Joss whedon is my master now” T-shirt i got for the wife a few years back (she is a bigger fan than me)….. but this has only enhanced it.

Here’s hoping that he now has a good enough name so his next “firefly” doesnt get prematurely canned.


Game of thrones – season 3

Great to see this has been renewed already – obviously huge ratings help…. and the first two episodes of season 2 have been good.

When i see a story like this, it makes me think back to “firefly” and “better off ted”….. firefly…. well i think the lunacy of cancelling that has been well and truly covered by so many people….. but Better off Ted….. comedy isn’t something the yanks do well….. a great example is Two and half men, frasier, big bang theory etc….. Better off Ted was just good…. and even though its been a few years since it was cancelled, im still disappointed.

“At Veridian Dynamics, we can even make radishes so spicy that people can’t eat them, but we’re not, because people can’t eat them”

Missing stargate….

I had my tonsils out last week – and have used the rest time very effectively – and finished off watching Star Trek: TNG. (and eating ice cream… mmmm ice cream)

While i definately do like like star trek in general – i found by the end of it i was hanging out for some pew-pew space battles…. and when thinking about it a little further, there aren’t really that many movies which have epic space battles…. star wars ep 6 had a good one… the last star-fighter… and a quick google found this list….

One of the (many) things stargate did well was space pew-pew…. in the later seasons of SG1 and all through atlantis… the battles with goual’d/ori/wraith cruisers and the oddessy/prometheus/daedalus were great… the only downside was that there wasnt more of them… especially after the Asgard left us their beam weapons….

With stargate dead and buried (very disappointingly) – im left wondering where the next awesome space pew-pew will be coming from

Stargate universe….

If only the first 1.5 seasons actually had some of the action that has come along in the first few episodes of the back half of season 2… it might not of been canned!

Hopefully we’ll see another stargate series at some stage…. and hopefully with a bit more pew-pew and asgard beaming naquadria nukes onto wraith hive ships boomies and interaction with cool new races (friend or foe)….. the stuff that made SG1 and Atlantis so good.

Mortal Kombat : Rebirth

video without many details at the moment….  common speculation seems to be a new Mortal Kombat movie… which, based on the trailer/short/promo/whatever the video is… already looks better than the original 3 absolutely terrible mortal kombat movies!

* Update *


So i watched a movie called “frag”, about the world of pro gaming…

was very interesting – not sure it covered all aspects, but interesting none the less, on an area that gets very little main-stream coverage (or very little coverage full stop)

I had wondered about what happened in pro gaming since i saw one of the frag dolls is now pushing windows mobile for MS Aus (poor girl, there’s a bit of an uphill battle there) at the Windows 7 launch, and bought back memories of the SA WonderLAN’s i used to go to about 15 or 16 years ago (of which winning the Quake 2 team comp was a highlight, and i still remember getting my arse kicked in 1v1 by “slack”) This movie isnt fantastic – but worth a watch if you’ve ever been into online gaming.