Wow – thats impressive – even for government

An employee sent me this link….

Some of our clients would come close….. some of the decisions made are astounding…. but that really is taking a lack of basic understanding (if the story is true) to a new level….. bravo Economic Development Administration, you are the new benchmark.


Yes – like many (many) others – i’ll add to the general chorus of “The avengers is awesome” by stating that i thought the avengers was awesome!

I already subscribed to the “Joss whedon is my master now” T-shirt i got for the wife a few years back (she is a bigger fan than me)….. but this has only enhanced it.

Here’s hoping that he now has a good enough name so his next “firefly” doesnt get prematurely canned.



I think most sane people, i looked at the US in dumb-founded amazement when SOPA was being seriously considered…. but, there wasn’t really a need to say anythying because so many others were… the upside of it, was all the humour that came out of the lunacy…. here’s one i missed earlier but just saw today, and laughed my arse off.

kitten bbq = bad!