Bioshock 2 play

So i finished Bioshock 2 last night…. its a short game

On the upside, it was fun – the gameplay itself is good, the weapons are fun and some of the effects are pretty cool.

On the downside, it still feels like an expansion pack rather than a full game, the storyline was very average and it was stupidly easy.

So was it worth $71US (pre-purchase price)….. probably.

It was always going to be difficult – following up one of the best games of a generation, and more importantly, probably THE best storyline of any game (maybe the original half-life comes close – but that never rounded out like the bioshock storyline did) – 2K on the whole have done a decent enough job on a very difficult game to follow up.

* Update * Just played through on hard, harvesting the little sisters instead of saving them – as per the first game, the ending was different, but really made minimal difference during the game. Again, way too easy…. my wallet was rarely under $600 (cap is $800) and i had more ammo than i could poke a rivet gun at. I did however find a few new things – such as turning the boars head in fontains office to get the extra safes and audio diaries… so it was still fun.

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