August 15th – Win 2012 and Win 8 available for DL

I’ve made the (fair) assumption that server will become available at the same time as the client.

Im not convinced that many people (in the corporate space) actually care about Win 8…. part of that is because Win7 is a bloody good OS…. if Win-7-to-go existed… i think there would be even less interest in Win 8.

Server 2012 is a bit of a different matter…. while many features are a bit ho-hum, Hyper-V replica’s… there is some big cash savings to be made by swapping from VMWare and SRM… so will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Oh – and the rest of the Wave 15 products that have previews – Exchange, Lync and office 2013… well, im also quite “meh” about them too…. dont get me wrong – its not as if they are terrible – but there is just nothing particuarly exciting about any of them.

The exchange 2013 web management interface, after a few days of using it, i no longer dislike…. i fucking hate it…. moving to that after using the very good exchange 2010 management console is a huge step backwards…. i can only assume the manager that made that decision had smoked something or was busy crapping on about how great “the cloud” was to some sales idiot… or both.

With Lync, its cool to have the web client back – outside of that, while there are improvements, im a bit meh….. annoyed at the lack of authenticated sip trunk – still.

Office…. well, its office… i can imagine its hard for those guys to come up with anything new… it would be nice if they worked with the exchange team to achieve true, no impact exchange failovers… (which they well may have, but im not setting up test DAG’s and CAS arrays to find out until RTM)

On the up side, the more i use SCCM 2012 – the more it rocks. Sure, there are still improvements that could be made….. but holy shit it has come a long way since 2007, its so much more usable, responsive and quick compared to 2007. Now theres a team that got their shit together – well done.

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